人間環境設計論 / Global Environmental Architecture


The Global Environmental Architecture explores “sustainable human living environment” by understanding local culture and local environment in the rapidly changing modern societies. We learn about global environmental conditions ranging from enhancing nature to natural disaster, and sustainable human living.
Lessons from researches are aimed to create and develop practical policy, plan and designs implemented into society.
We focus on various aspects of Human Environmental issues including people, livelihood, shelter and community in our research.

1.地域に根ざす設計手法/ Environmental design and planning integrating local contexts

The research explores “the environmental architecture”and “the social design” for rebuilding and sustaining  current human living condition. Findings and experiences contribute to practical applications for local communities.

2.地域に根ざす人間居住 / Human settlement integrating local contexts

The research explores ”knowledge and practices for sustainable harmonious human living”, through knowledge gained from local settlement that coexisted with nature and historical towns that encompasses cultural diversity.